Sunday, June 25, 2017

The generation of kids growing up under Trump

From an email I sent on Jan 31 of this year:

My daughter asked me last night at bedtime if we would ever have to move "while I'm still, you know, a kid living at home" because of Trump. She's heard snippets of conversation from us and kids at school about the question of moving to Canada etc.

I talked to her about our responsibility to stay and work to help out other people who need our help, and to make the country be the best it can be.

I'm fascinated to look back in 15 years and hear this generation talk about what this political experience was like for them. Carmen and her fellow 2nd graders are totally with it enough to have very intense feelings and to pick up the fear and dismay the adults are feeling.

One child I know, who is half south Asian and half white, asked his mom after the election, "Isn't it better to be white?" She said no, every kind of person can live side by side, etc. He said "I don't know mom… It's better to be white."

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