Thursday, March 09, 2017

Climate change denier doth protest too little

Climate change politics isn't a choice between A) "We're 100% certain we know exactly what's happening and going to happen and why and how much humans are contributing" and B) "We don't really know anything and the jury's still out".

There's also C) "We have many separate sets of evidence that independently confirm the same basic thesis, and even though systems this complex are not completely understood and there's some chance the thesis of human causation could be wrong a lot or a little, the balance has long tipped overwhelmingly towards having enough evidence to act."

Irresponsible shills like Scott Pruitt don't want the public to consider C, so they denounce A over and over. Their refusal to even articulate their disagreement with C shows their lack of confidence that C is false, and their lack of confidence that B is true.

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