Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Android podcast apps reviewed

I'm finally giving up on Pocket Casts (after a good 300+ hours of listening), for reasons I've listed before.

The Android podcasting app landscape is badly lagging behind the iPhone, with its stars like Castro and Overcast (which I have plenty of complaints about). So I downloaded the first dozen or so apps that turn up in a search for "podcast" in the Google Play store.

A winner is you, Player FM:

My full research summary is in a Google Sheet.

As just one example of Player FM's design quality, consider the placement of the episode timeline at the bottom of this screen:

Note how the timeline doesn't go all the way from the left to the right. Why? So that you don't erroneously swipe the entire screen right, meaning to scrobble the episode forward from the start.

This may seem like a meaningless detail, but it was a frequent enough problem for me with PocketCasts that I emailed and tweeted to their team about it. There's no reason why one team can do it and another can't; and it's really a mistake not to have this feature, because overlapping and ambiguous touch regions suck!

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