Saturday, December 24, 2016

Theater recommendations for the end of 2016

The Wolves is PHENOMENAL but also very sold out. Hoping it will be brought back for a third run!

saw and loved Anna Deveare Smith's Notes From the Field.

Her one-woman shows are the result of years of interviews she conducts and records, then performs as each subject. She becomes, in body language and verbal style, first a protester, then a convict, then a teacher, then a congressman.

The subject of this show is the relationship between education and incarceration, and what that means for racial justice and the soul of America.

We were wondering beforehand if she would openly address the election. She didn't have to--the whole thing felt urgently topical, and I doubt anyone hadn't cried by the end.

Highly recommended.

saw and loved Sarah Jones's "Buy Sell Date", a one woman show (she was greatly influenced by Anna Deavere Smith) in which she becomes different characters--fictional, but based on observing many nuances of speech and manner--all of whom talk about sex, prostitution and porn, with a speculative fiction twist. Brilliant and hilarious.

The Beauty Queen of Leenane, a funny and devastating play by Martin McDonough (In Bruges) is being revived at BAM. Don't know this production, but I recommend it sight unseen! I saw it in 1998 or 9.

I saw Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway this week. Very good and touching and very funny, and appropriate for a mature 12 year old and up. (We took Kate's nieces and nephews, and now they're totally Broadway fans!)

Not earth shattering in its voice or music, but memorable and special and entertaining. 100% of the audience loved it and came out glowing. At least 30% cried including yours truly :)

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