Saturday, September 03, 2016

Her problem solver's name is Mook

Re: the Naughty by Nature line "My problem solver's name is Mook", my cousin Sasha observes:

"Hillary Clinton's campaign manager is named Robert Mook. Every time he is mentioned in the news, I think of Naughty by Nature and crack myself up: her problem solver's name is Mook!  I feel like one of the great unresolved loose ends of my childhood has finally been resolved. Of course if I had thought to look it up, it could have been resolved sooner: "

This line bedevilled me and my friends for years. I pointed it out to friends many times when Hip Hop Hooray would come on the radio; it was just too random a line to believe, and several friends have insisted we must just be hearing the line wrong.

Here's to Hillary blasting some Treach as her entrance music at campaign stops!

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