Monday, March 07, 2016

How I use IFTTT Do Note widgets

I'm finding IFTTT (If This Then That)'s Do Note app incredibly useful.
Do Note provides a very quick way to provide text that triggers some event.
When I get a rent check from a tenant now, I just enter the amount into two of these little widgets and in about 10 seconds of total time, it sends an email to the tenant and me confirming the date and amount and also appends a road to a CSV in Dropbox.
I recently created a workflow for myself that is essentially a personal "ticketing" system, like user support systems use. Do Note is proving crucial to that too.
In keeping with my preference for minimally fussy interfaces, I'm just using an Evernote note with a list of open items. I started this because I realized I wasn't consistently checking to make sure I've gotten rent checks from my tenants, or paychecks from clients.
So now every month, I have IFTTT append several lines to that Evernote note, indicating new open tickets for that month: "Expect a paycheck from X", etc.
To close the ticket, I just erase that line from within Evernote.
I also created a Do Note Android widget that lets me add a richer with two taps, plus by writing whatever text I want in the ticket.
Genuinely brilliant work by IFTTT.

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