Wednesday, February 03, 2016

That sugar cane, that lemonade, that hurricane, I'm not afraid

Mexican immigrants to the US are importing Mexican Coca-cola, and it's catching on with other Americans too:
"Mexican Coke is selling like crazy bro, and I can't keep up," says Rudy Mendoza of El Gordo Taqueria on Main Street.
My father's friend is crazy about the stuff, and has had it shipped in by the case to her northern California home for years.

So what's the Coca-cola company's reaction? Send in the PR guys to be incredibly condescending!

"We believe that the appeal of Mexican Coke is as much about nostalgia as it is about anything," says [Coke spokesman Matt] Martin...

But it's the "same exact product," and Mexican bottlers are buying the ingredients straight from the company, says Martin.
"It's not like they're stirring it up in some backyard," he adds. "Coke is Coke is Coke.
..."The 'why?' It could just be psychological."

Except it's not:

Mexican Coke may contain the same secret syrup, but its sweetener is entirely different.
It's made from sugar cane, not corn syrup.
Surprisingly, in 2013, Coke in Mexico switched to corn syrup too, though they still use cane sugar for the Coke exported from Mexico to the US as a nostalgia product!

My dad's friend swears that once you drink a couple bottles, you can't stand the American stuff.
By the way, if you like Fresca but hate aspartame, you might not want to taste the sugar cane-sweetened Fresca they have in Mexico... that sacred nectar still haunts me whenever I see the diet version in US groceries.

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