Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Domain registrar roundup

Followup after paying all of these money over several months (pricing differences are averaged across several popular TLDs):

Hover: great interface. disappointing customer service and feature set, straightforward pricing, low prices, will concierge transfer domains from other services, oh no we won't because it sounds like too much work, fine fine ugh if you really want us to we will, oops we fucked it up and didn't notice

iwantmyname: good interface and features. phenomenal customer service. straightforward pricing. 5% more expensive than hover, 20% higher than google. great domain search tool. will concierge transfer any domains from any other service for free, just feels like good people there who handle their shit.

Google domains: straightforward pricing, lowest prices (about 15% below hover), zero f*cks given by anyone at google about you as a single user, knows your innermost thoughts but chooses not to use that knowledge... for now

1and1: slowest interface ev3r, false prices advertised, favorite Philip K. Dick movie is Paycheck, talks loudly in a whiny voice all through the burn

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