Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why skill-based accreditation isn't coming soon

I tend to think accreditation is not so much a security issue as a branding/marketing/sales issue... how do you get employers to ask for it if it isn't established yet? How do you get applicants to put in the time if employers aren't asking for it?
Evaluating skill level is also tricky. Tests tend to be good at checking for basic and obscure knowledge, but not great at testing core facility with some area of knowledge. Coding is a partial exception, but I've taken a few coding tests and they're usually pretty poorly conceived!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Loving Twitter Moments

I'm loving Moments. Look at the Democratic debate Moment before it's gone... In 5mins you can get the kind of video highlights you'd get from a typical summary report on TV, but with tweets from the campaigns and the commentariat mixed in.
The Lamar Odom collapsing story (and I hope he recovers) is a great example of what makes Moments different from Snapchat Discover. The moment is mostly tweets from NBA figures and teams -- something ESPN, Snapchat, circa and the NYTimes wouldn't be giving you. There are lots of stories where the best single source is going to be Moments.
I do wish it was more international, and curated with more of an intellectual and opinionated lens, though. I would absolutely love the Moments treatment of "Bollywood star vows fast until Kashmir is free" or whatever.

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