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Monday, March 30, 2015

Carmen's first NBA game, in numbers

Today I took my daughter Carmen, 5, to her first professional basketball game: Nets v. Lakers, in Brooklyn. It almost didn't happen due to minor family emergencies and the Startup Weekend NYCEDU hackathon, where I helped build

The story, in numbers, with apologies to Harper's Index:

Number of crazy daddy daughter dances: 45

Number of foolish cameramen who just left the camera pointing in the same direction when world class talent was just out of his field of vision: 1

Players Carmen slapped five: Brook Lopez, Mason Plumlee, Bojan Bogdanovich

Whether Bojan Bogdanovich plays basketball better than Peter Bogdanovich: unclear

Team Carmen rooted for: Lakers

Reason: "I do like the Brooklyn Nets, but black and white? Come on, boring! Purple and gold? Hello! Besides, just because everyone says we like one thing, doesn't mean you have to like it too. You have to decide for yourself. That's why I like the... what are they called again?"

Team Carmen wants to see next: New York Liberty

Sport Carmen days she wants to play in high school: basketball

Number of pieces of candy from the mix and match store consumed by Carmen: 20

by Ben: approx. 30

First person to wince and complain that "you gave me too much candy": Carmen

Second person: Ben

Whether there is such a thing as too much candy, according to Carmen and Ben on later reflection: no way

Candy saved for Nina: gummy ice cream cones

Only candy in mix that Carmen didn't like: gummy ice cream cones

Stat line of the game: rookie Markel Brown, SG: 36 mins, 6 for 11, 17-4-4-2.

Number of people you could hear in the stadium at any point this season screaming appreciation of Markel Brown: 1

That person: me

Level of insanity of that verbal appreciation, on a scale of Ben Cassorla to Howard Dean scream: Zasa Pachulia

Number of other fans who ever shout anything audible about the game that players and officials can hear: 1, my friend Tokumbo

Number of times this season Alan Anderson has expressed appreciation for my cheering him: 2

What he said today: "THANK you, man!"

Date on which I anticipate Billy King will trade Markel Brown, Alan Anderson and two draft picks for Thabo Sefalosha: July 1

Number of players on the Lakers who got minutes that I had ever heard of before today: 1 (Jordan Hill)

Whether it's a good idea or a bad idea that the Nets are paying Joe Johnson and Deron Williams a combined $45 million next year: bad idea

Amount of flack I got for skipping out on the last few hours of the hackathon I was at all weekend: a lot

Whether it was worth it: no question

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