Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Albuquerque's West Side keeps sprawling beyond what street-namers can imagine. My mom was driving me out there a couple of years ago and I had a joke ready for every major street we crossed...

"This side of Paradise..."
"Somewhere over the Rainbow."
"The end of the Universe."
"At the edge of the Galaxy."

...until she told me to stop because all of the streets look the same when they've run out of names.

One of my high school classmates posted this sign of the apocalypse: "UNIVERSE CLOSED PLEASE USE RAINBOW."

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Blogger Katy on Wed Jul 14, 02:53:00 PM:
There's a strange part of Central Islip, New York, which is strange in general, where the streets are named after trees. Some of the trees are tropical. Central Islip is a run-down part of the middle of Suffolk County--it is not tropical. My favorite is Banana Street.

Blogger Katy on Wed Jul 14, 02:58:00 PM:
AND... I noticed that the streets running perpendicular to the tree streets are TREE PART STREETS, including Bark, Root, and Branch. North of that is a neighborhood with streets named after major streets in Brooklyn (DeKalb, Nostrand, Fulton, and so on) and a few in Manhattan for good measure (Columbus, Lexington). I guess we know where that developer was from.