Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vertiginous, haunting

On the day after Thanksgiving I listened to Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" over and over and over again, until I couldn't hear. Can't really say why. There was some scarf-tossing and -swirling involved.

"The Only Three Female Musicians, According to Many Male Music Critics"
(from The Awl) is a very funny pastiche of rock music criticism in which any lady singer gets compared to Kate Bush, Bjork, or Tori Amos:
I can only base my review on the handful of visual and sonic reveries I’ve had of it, including a long stare at its cover and other related photos of Newsom. On the cover, Newsom is accompanied by objects that Björk’s husband Matthew Barney might have considered using in an art installation when he was in college, except imagine if Tori Amos was the curator of that exhibit and insisted that things be a little more motherly and a little less terrifying than Barney wanted them to be. Newsom is situated at the center of this veritable props room, ready to draw inspiration from a taxidermied deer the way Barney drew inspiration from je ne sais quoi enough to release five films and a 500-page exhibition catalogue of said quoi. For those unfamiliar with Barney’s work, I will deign to hazard this approximate description of the cover of Have One On Me: Björkesque.

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