Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alice and Auster: drawing circles around the Times

The NY Times has finally caught on the trend of walking (or jogging) in a path that would form an image from God's point of view. Why oh why must they omit mention of Paul Auster's City of Glass, which long ago originated the idea? None of the people mentioned in the article beat Alice to the punch -- before GPS was widely available, she followed Auster's characters' circuitous route through the Upper West Side, tracing a message no satellites could detect.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comics has an Updike

A letter to Newsweek, in response to our friend and former Columbia Spectator colleague Adam Kushner's review of a graphic novel:
To the editor -

Adam Kushner ("An Imperfect Storm", Aug 14) is right that comics take
a long time to make, especially for the lone creator who has no inker,
colorist, or letterer to whom to spread the burden. But he is wrong
that there is no John Updike in comics -- his name was Will Eisner,
and he has a library of work to demonstrate both his Updikean
prolificness and his consistent insight into quotidian matters. He is
also wrong that profound metaphor has been absent from recent graphic
novels; I point readers to Charles Burns's "Black Hole", a masterly
tale of teenage anxieties manifesting as physically real.

-Ben Wheeler

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad Men myself too

Here's my avatar, to match Alice's. Note the cruller and wood paneling. I would have liked to live in Brooklyn then.

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