Thursday, December 10, 2009

Youk's uncle

Cincinnati-style chili, courtesy of Kevin Youkilis's uncle Edward: (thanks to Katy for the heads-up)
Cincinnati-style chili has little in common with the Texas variety except for the ardor of its fans. The core concoction consists of ground beef in a thin, tomato-based sauce that is tangy rather than spicy. (Chocolate is rumored to be a secret ingredient.) In the basic presentation, the chili is poured over slightly overcooked spaghetti and topped with shredded Cheddar cheese; this is known as a “three-way.” ... The authentic shredded cheese, which is a fluorescent yellow, travels poorly, so Edward’s must grate its own.

Ah, but the Texas variety is close to my heart for many reasons, not least of which is its suitability for Frito Pie, best poured straight out of can into the bag of chips itself, with cheddar melted on top.

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Blogger Katy on Thu Dec 10, 02:44:00 PM:
I love that you posted this within about three hours of my frantic text message that opened with "OMG!"
Blogger Meg on Fri Dec 11, 09:34:00 PM:
Cincinatti Chili has totally won me over. I made a batch of it a while back and it's amazing. It's also good on hot dogs and I also top mine with raw onion. So yummy.
Blogger Ben on Sat Dec 12, 11:02:00 AM:
I thought Cincinnati chili always included chocolate... this according to a family friend from Cincinnati, who also introduced me to the fact that Cincinnati is in the South.