Sunday, July 05, 2009

Color-coded Boggle

After x number of Boggle rounds involving a gleeful/rueful notation of and then an inevitable duplication of the word "eons" (or something like it), I get a little restless. In college, we started playing Themed Boggle: each player picked a theme and tried to find words related to that theme, and those not duplicated got an extra point. Heather chose religious words, Priscilla took women's health, Paige did legal terms, and so on. I always insisted on doing birds and fish, thinking that terns, ernes, tetras, tuna, neons, wrens, and scores of other animals would un-grid themselves before my eyes. Inevitably, they'd camouflage themselves at the turn of the minute-glass.

My friend Brette and I have innovated a new variation, Color Boggle, in which we looked for words related to our chosen colors (red for her, green for me). In the development stages of the game, we were perhaps too eager to make the case for the other's words: "The SOLE of a Christian Louboutin shoe is red!" I recommended. "It's known for being red, so I think that counts."

"To REUSE is to go green," she said. "So is to use LESS."


Anonymous Tove Hermanson on Sun Aug 02, 05:21:00 PM:
I love the color Boggle idea!! Go to at for some new ideas that are maybe not such as stretch as "sole." Though I like the creativity.