Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What happens when I read about Danny Granger

There have only been a handful of University of New Mexico Lobos to play with some fame in the NBA. Michael Cooper from the 1980s Lakers and Luc Longley from the 1990s Bulls are two of them. Kenny Thomas played for UNM from 1995-99 and has had a journeyman's career in the NBA since then. The Albuquerque Journal sports section used to cherry-pick Thomas's stats from the previous night's NBA game and highlight them in their wire stories: the main sentence of the recap would be "Kenny Thomas scored eight points and had three rebounds" or something equally mediocre for a complacent forward. The first few times I read these recaps, I'd exclaim about how much of a difference Thomas must be making for the Rockets (now the Kings). Then I learned about this thing called "editing."

But Danny Granger is really good! Taken too late in the draft good. Best player on a bad team good. Here he is challenging LeBron last night. Still, I read the recaps of these Indiana games where Granger is the only one doing anything, and the first thought that comes to mind is, "I wonder if there's someone from Albuquerque minding the wire service at the Times?" (I don't know why this imaginary wire service condenser thinks the Lobos are the only game in town... a town far far away.)

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