Sunday, February 01, 2009

Let the right one under water

A link to the ten greatest shots of the year (link from From part two, the notes on Let the Right One In are right on. The movie is a great twist on the vampire story as a bully story. The shot being described is absolutely extraordinary: I haven't ever seen anything like it. The audience didn't know whether to gasp or laugh. I gasped. I also totally love the last scene. Why is horror better under water--the ice-skating rink shot from The Dead Zone being another classic in this (icy) vein? Any other shots like it?

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Blogger Ben on Sun Feb 15, 02:13:00 PM:
in watcher in the woods, the camera looks up as if from the heroine's eyes as she nearly drowns, while a menacing woman you believe is a villain stands on the riverbank, poking her with a tree branch. the whole image is distorted by the refraction of the turbulent water. great shot.

as for let the right one in, the use of the vampire story to frame a story about bullying was very well done. but i would have liked to see the main character show more agency at the end. otherwise its hard to believe he will be able to help her as the previous guy did.