Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gold leaf from Goldschlager

My friend Lily Binns co-authored a DIY-science-themed cookbook called The Hungry Scientist, which is featured in the NY Times dining section today. The photos and the story are wonderful. The book's blog is great. I especially loved this post and can't wait to read the full story in the book. The list of failed edible circuits is my favorite part:
One of the very first projects that we developed for our book was an electric candle cake. We tried several different materials and methods for creating edible circuitry: gold leaf (from Goldschlager), electrolyte-saturated sports-drink-powder, even nontoxic electrode pad gel (YUCK), then finally, edible silver foil. This atomically thin silver leaf is traditionally used as a decorative garnish on Indian sweets. We wrapped it around string licorice. We planted LEDs on top and they lit up! (It was a little more complicated than that—buy our book to find out just how much!)

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Blogger Lily on Thu Oct 30, 10:59:00 AM:
Alice! I am working on our next project in your honor: edible paper and ink. xx