Thursday, August 07, 2008

"A more egalitarian, homoerotic, and therefore more disturbing obscenity," esp. when applied to Kobe Bryant

It's difficult to excerpt Sherman Alexie's essay "Sixty-One Things I Learned During the Sonics Trial" from The Stranger but here's where I started to tear up:
7. I know that I touched the hearts of every man in that courtroom when I talked about my late father. I know that each son remembered a gorgeous and/or ugly moment with his father.

8. I realized that Clay Bennett probably bought this basketball team in order to impress his father, father figures, and all of his buddies. As angry as I am with the man, I also understand his motivations. At heart, he's a boy who bought the best toy imaginable—a professional basketball team. But like some preschool tyrant, Bennett ripped that toy out of the hands of the kid who had it first.
18. In the days leading up to and following my testimony, my friends told me amazing and poetic basketball stories about their fathers, sons, and jump shots. These were love stories. My detractors can give me all the shit they want. I welcome their shit. But I am trying to write a love story. I did introduce "love" as evidence into a federal trial. Call me what you will. Accuse me of any and all clichés. And so, yes, I admit that the "professional basketball players as Greek gods" argument might have been a tad hyperbolic, but please remember that I was not motivated by hate, rage, or condescension; I was motivated by love. God, it sounds stupid to type that and read it aloud. But, damn it, I am a silly, romantic shithead.

And then it only gets more amazing after that...

(link from Bookslut, of all places)

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Blogger mark on Fri Aug 08, 11:07:00 AM:
Alice, thank you for this! It's incredible!