Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kerouacs armed with Sharpies

" their eyes I would be strange and ragged and like the Prophet who has walked across the land to bring the dark Word, and the only Word I had was "Wow!" (On the Road)

My step-dad sent me this cautionary tale of error correction gone wrong (or right, or wrong again):
Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson pleaded guilty August 11 for the damage done March 28 at the park's Desert View Watchtower. The sign was made by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, the architect who designed the rustic 1930s watchtower and other Grand Canyon-area landmarks.

Deck and Herson, both 28, toured the United States this spring, wiping out errors on government and private signs. They were interviewed by NPR and the Chicago Tribune, which called them "a pair of Kerouacs armed with Sharpies and erasers and righteous indignation."

The excerpt from the Typo Eradication Advancement League diary entry is a funny melding of Kerouac's bluster and a copy editor's precision.

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