Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is it G-R-R-L or G-R-R-R-L?

Question overheard this afternoon during a librarian's presentation about the Barnard zine collection (topics discussed: DIY culture, punk rock, librarians and zines, riot grrl and its influence, the issues of preserving and cataloging ephemera, etc.):

"Is it RIOT G-R-R-L or G-R-R-R-L?"

(I seem to remember this question being a debated issue in whatever I was reading as an Albuquerque outsider in the 1990s--like three R's were sellouts or vice versa? Or is that an imagined style guide/ anti-normalizing, anti-style guide debate? And yes, it's funny to me that style guide and distribution/preservation/cataloging issues related to riot grrl are what fascinate me now...)

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Anonymous Alice's mom on Thu Jul 17, 09:57:00 PM:
The grrl/grrrl spelling is not only an issue for cataloging, but for IPR. Catherine Driscoll, in "Girls: Feminine Adolescence in Popular Culture and Cultural Theory," reports that a patent was involved:

"The Riot Grrrl e-zine apparently changed its name from three to two rrs in order to patent "RiotGrrl," prompting outrage...."