Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The unbelievable Celtics

Teary, ecstatic Kevin Garnett said it from a place that transcends the physical realm: "Anything is possible. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLLEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

By the Celtics as a team, one of the greatest basketball performances of all time. I've never seen half as many steals in any game. By Kevin Garnett, one of the greatest post-game freakouts of all time, complete with kissing strangers and the floor and hopping around like a madman 15 minutes after his teammates calmed down, and he's just getting started.

Plus they stopped Phil Jackson from passing Red Auerbach.I'm so happy I was wrong about Doc Rivers.

Plus a performance by Rajon Rondo that put to rest all doubt about who this championship team's point guard is. My sister texted me after his bajillionth steal and Kobe-esque layup, "How do you say 'Can I be your baby mama' in Elvish?"


Blogger Alice on Thu Jun 19, 02:13:00 PM:
I'm protective of KG, and I'm glad he had a great Game 6. The Slate commentary on KG's post-game interview is funny:

"1:14: Garnett screams into the camera, 'I made it ma! Top of the world! TOP OF THE WORLD!' That's exactly what James Cagney's maniacal, cackling gangster character says at the end of White Heat as he dies in a fiery explosion atop a gigantic gas tank. This explains a lot about KG's self-image."