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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gloves in a cold climate

I have two pairs of beautiful cashmere-lined gloves, which were given to me as an unexpected and extravagant gift this fall. They've become something of a luxurious curse, though, in that every time I wear them or even think about them, I worry so much about losing them that I forget how lovely they are. I clench my fists when I wear them so I'll remember what it's like to have them on, so I won't leave them on a counter or a library shelf. That my hands would be cold would not be reminder enough, apparently.

When I was growing up, we had a box of countless pairs of one-size-fits-all purple gloves from Wal-Mart in the hall closet, and my brother and I would pick out one or two to replace whatever we had lost on the playground that day, week, etc. I would like for life to still be this simple. I still prefer this method for umbrellas: why would I buy a nice umbrella if I know chances are good I'll lose it, sometimes in the same rainstorm that I've bought it? I don't think anyone who lives on Riverside Drive can really take their chances with a nice umbrella, either, as the wind off the river has whipped my just-purchased deli umbrella into a sad bat corpse too many times.

Somehow I manage to hold on to scarves--I keep mine on indoors, so that's a way to remember.

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Blogger Meg on Sun Dec 16, 04:25:00 PM:
The good thing about umbrellas is that you are as likely to find one on the subway as you are to lose one!
Blogger Katy on Mon Dec 17, 11:04:00 AM:
Target sells stretchy gloves and mittens in packages of two for $1.49. I bought a whole stack of them. They're warmer than I expected and perfect for layering.
Anonymous Anonymous on Mon Dec 24, 04:30:00 PM:
Alice is getting 2 packs of those Target gloves (the bright green striped ones) in her stocking. I bought them before I read this column, but maybe I should get some more....
Blogger Marina on Mon Dec 31, 05:16:00 AM:
I think it should be acceptable for adults to have their gloves on ribbons or elastic, like Toddlers do. I mean, it could even become a statement: I am thinking of higher things, so I require help with my gloves?

I lose gloves, too. It's always a sadness.