Tuesday, December 11, 2007

4:40 in the 3rd

4:40 in the 3rd. That's when the crowd started shouting "Fire Isiah!" at Saturday night's Knicks-76ers game. Ben was very generous and gave me his tickets--he got high culture at BAM, I saw the lowest of the low at MSG (but it was amazing). The Sixers had yet to win two games in a row this season before that night; the Knicks were sluggish and barely looked like they were trying. When the chants started, I exclaimed to my roommate, "I've been waiting for this moment all night!"

I don't really need to go on about how awesome the seats were--except that I do. The seats were behind the basket near the Sixers bench. I could hear the players talking to one another. Fat Joe was seated not far away. During the halftime break, he stood out on the court and greeted each player with a hug. I can't remember, but I think they may have used "Lean Back" to try to drown out the boos. They played it at least once during the evening.

A few other notes from the game:

The heady atmosphere at court level made me totally OK with ordering an $8 22 oz. Budweiser.

Nate Robinson is small, but he's playing with more enthusiasm than any other Knick. He scored 25 in the second half after not playing at all in the first.

David Lee is also good.

Great line from the guys seated next to me when the Jumbotron did some sort of feature on Eddy Curry and Jamal Crawford: "How 'bout showing me some '94 Knicks instead?"

From the guys behind me:

A: I'd play against Robinson and score on him.
B: I'd play against Crawford and score on him.
A: He'd fuck you up and save something for dessert.

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Blogger Ben on Sat Dec 15, 04:12:00 PM:
My impressions from watching a preseason game at MSG were the same as yours: Nate Robinson and David Lee played well; Marbury, Randolph and Curry, not so well.