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Sunday, November 11, 2007

"...the government uses the methods of Ceausescu and as a result the end might be Romanian"

Here is a list of statements made on air on the Georgian television station "Imedi" that lead to its being shut down. (See my previous posts about the crisis in Georgia here and here.)

November 2

Imedi “Chronica” 09:00

Kakha Dzagania: “Nothing will stop this wave; it will be followed by victory”

Imedi “Chronica” 14:00

14:50 Levan Gachechiladze: “We will destroy the violence, we will destroy the prisons, and we will destroy scoundrels”

14:50 Shalva Natelashvili: “…in order to achieve it, the government must resign”

Imedi “Chronica” 15:00

15:02 Konstantine Gamsakhurdia: “…People are ready for action; the evil is strong because the good people are inactive, and so we must act!”

15:06 Zviad Dzidziguri: “…the funeral ceremony [of the government] started today, in front of the Parliament building, and will last only for few days… we all request Georgia without President. The verdict is already announced, we must send this Government to the political dustbin, as we did with many others before...”

Imedi “Chronica” 17:00

17:42 Irakli Tsereteli: “…Let’s siege the Parliament, let’s siege the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and if the Government will not talk with us, on your behalf the “national assembly” [opposition coalition] will declare Mikheil Saakashvili toppled..”

17:46 Gia Berdzenadze: “…annihilate these anti Russians!”

Imedi “Chronica” 18:00

18:11 Badri Patarkatsishvili: “… with the long planned methods, we will succeed to have the government that will be the people’s government”

18:31 Jondi Bagaturia: “…with this Government our country has no future and it must resign, at this stage, peacefully…”

Imedi “Reakcia” 23:00

00:53 Tina Khidasheli: “…then come there [in front of Parliament] tomorrow and let’s finish with Saakashvili”

November 3

Imedi “Chronica” 15:00

15:09 Levan Gachechiladze: “we will reveal our future plans of our decisive struggle to fight this dirty regime”

15:21 David Berdzenishvili: “don’t make a choice [appeals to the government] between the fates of Milosevic and Ceausescu”

15:47 Gubaz Sanikidze: “We should tell the Government what you [people] think… there is no way to cooperate with the Government, this is excluded”

15:49 Konstantine Gamsakhurdia: “we will say very soon that our patience is running out”

21:22 Bezhan Gunava: “this demonstration is the peaceful riot of Georgian people, when the government has no chance other then resignation”

4th of November

Imedi, “Kronika” 13:00

13:44 Koba Davitashvili: “the government uses the methods of Ceausescu and as a result the end might be Romanian”

17:30 Gia Tortladze: “I promise to all honest prisoners that they will be rescued after this government leaves”

18:16 Vladimir Zhirinovski: “I believe that Georgian people wishes democracy and they will achieve it; let everything be decided by parliaments; create parliamentary republics in Georgia and Ukraine, and we will try the same in Russia”

18:30 Paata Davitaya: “we have no way backward, our homeland and religion stand behind us; many law enforcement officers are mobilized here and I want to appeal to them that their duty is to serve people; therefore, I ask them to stand together with people and defend them, and do not fulfill [government’s] criminal orders”

Imedi, “Droeba” 21:00

21:09 Giorgi Targamadze: “if it was people’s will 4 years ago [talks about “Rose Revolution”], people’s will should govern 4 years after as well”

5th of November

Imedi, “Kronika” 09:00

15:12 Paata Davitaya: “I appeal to my friends in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and General Prosecutor’s Office to stand together with people and do not fulfill violent orders, today the frontline is here [in front of parliament]”

15:22 Zviad Dzidziguri: “Misha [appeals to President] you will soon be toppled down..... this will truly be in this way....our demonstrations will aggravate every day”

18:02 Kakha Shartava: “after we get rid of them [government] soon, you will see that we are better off.... what will be afterwards? this has long been thought, calculated, written and agreed...”

7th of November

Imedi, “Kronika” 10:00

10:16 Gia Gachechiladze: “either you [government] or us! we will sacrifice ourselves for this cause. I ask everyone ... Vake, Vera [Tbilisi Districts] to come out and stand with us. Georgia’s destiny is decided here”

Imedi, “Kronika” 12:00

12:01 Koka Guntsadze: “we appeal to all Georgians to come here at 2 o’clock to finish with this government”

12:02 Jondi Baghaturia: “all Georgians should rise up and force the government to their knees”

14:05 Koba Davitashvili: “yet for several days people demand from us very radical measures; I will say openly, people ask us for the new revolution”

Imedi, “Kronika” 09:00

14:02 Levan Berdzenishvili: “we can be engaged in dialogue only on one issue: when and at what conditions president will resign, who has committed crime against humanity”

16:05 David Berdzenishvili: “we will arrest everyone who is related to break up of demonstration, illegal arrests.... we receive information that Nino Burdzhanadze wants to meet with us, we refuse....we refuse”

16:21 Gubaz Sanikidze: “the days of this government are counted... we should finish this government”

15:28 Goga khaindrava: “I promise to law enforcement officers: everyone who participated in break up of demonstration, used tear gas, or cudgels will seriously be punished and no masks will save them.... now I am heading to there.... now I am planning to put an end to this criminal regime leaded by terrorist Saakashvili”

15:33 Giga Lortkipanidze: “today is the end of this government; I can not doubt in this even for one minute”

15:41 Goga Khaindrava: “Let’s gather at Rike [place in Tbilisi] and pass sentence on these cannibals and terrorists”

Imedi, “Kronika” 18:25

18:35 Badri Patarkatsishvili: “nobody should doubt that my entire financial resources, up until one cent, will be used to liberate Georgia from this fascist regime”

A few of these do pass from statements of electoral intent to the realm of fomenting open rebellion, though none calls people to arms. That some of the more mild quotes are included makes me wonder if the government and ruling party is able to distinguish between political disagreement and traitorous rebellion. "Let everything be decided by parliaments"?

I am hearing that while few supporters of the government disagreed with moving police to break up the demonstrations, some have disagreed with the shutdown of Imedi. There is talk of Imedi being back on the air soon, and of government restitution for property damaged in the police raid, but that damage sounds extensive and some may be irreplaceable.

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