Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's a golden age of cinema

Rescue Dawn: Batman falls on hard times

Offside: Can only men become drunk,
obnoxious football hooligans?

Sunshine: We've assembled a crack
team of sexy people

The Hoax: Can you imagine Richard Gere as
a suave slimeball with too much surgery!?

Paprika: Another naturalistic biopic
about Warren Harding

Upcoming and currently-running films I'm excited about:

Paprika (Anime)

Jindabyne (Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney)

Gray Matters (brother-sister stuff)

Rescue Dawn (Werner Herzog)

Sunshine (Danny Boyle sci-fi)

The Hoax (Richard Gere, finally making a movie good enough to have Stanley Tucci in it)

The Lives of Others (already saw it, still excited)

Offside (Jafar Panahi, director of The White Balloon)

Cats of Mirikitani (film journal about encounter between New York artist and aging, homeless Japanese internment survivor)

Blockade (new archival footage of siege of St. Petersburg)

Indigenes/Days of Glory (Algeria and France)

The Blue Kite (Cultural Revolution)

Beyond the Gates/Shooting Dogs (Rob Roy director, Rwanda-Burundi genocide)