Sunday, March 25, 2007

ABA: better than the bar exam

Nine of the names below are real teams from the American Basketball Association; nine are fake.

Dallas Chaparrals
Madison Maniacs
New Jersey Americans
Raleigh Rifles
Kentucky Colonels
Chicago Mountain Lions
Minnesota Muskies
Washington Presidents
Baltimore Claws
Springfield Legends
Oakland Oaks
San Antonio Alamos
Pittsburgh Pipers
Buffalo Lassos
Anaheim Amigos
Nashville Notes
Memphis Sounds
San Francisco Prospectors

Hilight text below for answers.

Answers: Real, fake, real, fake, etc.
All real teams were among the 1967 founders, except the Claws, who only existed for three exhibition games, and the Sounds, who were owned by Isaac Hayes (who renamed them; previously they were the Memphis Tams, possibly the worst name in sports history).