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Monday, February 12, 2007

A statue that would kick ass

An advertisement in the New York Review of Books this week reads:
He wrestled with Hemmingway. He wrote poems with Muhammed Ali. He took second place in an Apollo Theater talent show. [In headline type:] Where will we put the statue?

Should a statue of George Plimpton be erected? Yes, every good reader, Lions fan, and fireworks aficionado agrees that this singular man, who left us just over three years ago, merits a nice bronze statue complete with plaque and a solid stone pedestal (granite is fine; marble, too showy). Somewhere on the island of Manhattan we believe.
Is this a pressing matter? Yes. Time works in a funny way and people have a tendency to forget. Just look at Martin Tyler. Who is Martin Tyler, you ask? Good question.

Back to the statue, there is the awkward matter of exactly who will pay for it. As the editor of a small struggling literary review, George would have appreciated this dilemma. We imagine he would have thrown a party. So, as soon as we can rustle up a venue and get a sense of the guest list, we will howt a joyful celebration of George's excellent life. It will be a good time.

If you woud like to come to the party (do come!), let us know at ...and then come to the party and meet us. We'll be easy to spot, we're the ones with 38 bottles of scotch, one bottle of white wine and a bottle of Dubonnet.
At the bottom of the page, there is a quote from Hunter S. Thompson that begins "George Plimpton kicked ass."

Bruce Kayton, the excellent tour guide of radical New York history, points out that most statues in New York City are of men famous for killing people. In Tbilisi, Georgia, there are plenty of those, but also wonderful statues of writers, artists and actors installed around the central part of town: memoirists in overcoats, poets sitting in thought, and one memorably svelte dandy next to the opera house, dressed to the nines and ready for a night on the town. We could use a little of that mojo.

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