Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ideas for the Drew Faust burger

Out with the Larry Summers burger at Harvard Square's Bartley's Burger Cottage, in with the Drew Faust burger. Both names are friendly to chefs looking for metaphor; Summers was served with honey mustard, which is both sweet--appropriate for his namesake season--and sour. Faust is less easily translated to food, but holds great potential. A few ideas:
  1. Burger is served with a sage reduction, in honor of Faust's Bryn Mawr, and presumably Wiccan, roots

  2. Faust is known at Harvard for her cost-cutting, and earned the nickname "Chainsaw Drew" when she brutally murdered one-quarter of the Radcliffe staff. (Other reports have her firing them instead.) Burger is served with extra ketchup, with one quarter chopped off.

  3. Burger is free, but if you ever cry out in pleasure at its taste, you are condemned to a PhD program where expectations for your thesis double each month

  4. A normal burger, but male diners who wish to order it must first calculate and recite the first seventeen digits of the Thue-Morse Sequence and explain the importance of the Higgs boson