Friday, December 01, 2006

Public intellectual's public intellectuals

Steven Johnson posted the syllabus for his course on public intellectuals. Here's the distilled reading list:
  • Said, Representations Of The Intellectual
  • Chomsky, 9-11
  • Frank, What’s The Matter With Kansas
  • Buckley, God And Man At Yale
  • Johnson, Everything Bad Is Good For You
  • Orwell, “Inside The Whale.”
  • Hitchens, from Why Orwell Matters
  • Hertzberg columns from The New Yorker
  • Buckley, God And Man At Yale
  • Bloom, from Closing Of The American Mind
  • E. O. Wilson, from Sociobiology
  • Gould, from The Mismeasure Of Man
  • Gleick, from Chaos
  • Jacobs, from Death And Life Of Great American Cities
  • Putnam, “The Strange Disappearance of Public America.”
  • Postman, from Amusing Ourselves To Death.
  • Sontag, “Notes On Camp.”
  • Gladwell, “The Tipping Point”, “The Naked Face”
  • Wright, “Two Years Later, A Thousand Years Ago,” “The Big Idea.”
  • Excerpts from;
What would you add?