Monday, November 13, 2006

What happens when Jeff Van Gundy quotes Anna Quindlen?

Just this. Ho-hum:

Van Gundy still has that beleaguered look about him. But time has mellowed him slightly, and perhaps the softer environment has helped. He summed up the New York experience by quoting three other authorities: the former N.B.A. coach Paul Silas, Yankees Manager Joe Torre and Anna Quindlen, a former New York Times columnist.
“Anna Quindlen had this line in one of the papers I was reading, right before the season one year. It said, ‘True success is waking up every day realizing what a great life you have.’ And sometimes I’ve allowed self-pity over losing to impact how I see the entire day, week, month, year. And I really have tried down here a little bit better to realize I’ve had a great, fortunate life."

During the time it took to read that clunky nut graf, the stuff from Paul Silas and Joe Torre, and the letdown of the Anna Quindlen paragraph, I had relatively inflated expectations for some Quindlenwisdom that wasn't a homily. I expected too much.

(I do like Anna Quindlen when she's being tough-minded, but I'm not surprised that this is what gets distilled from her work. Also, did Jeff Van Gundy have a three-example interview set up in his mind before the reporter spoke to him, or did the reporter just manage to cram the interview into a predictable format that would make any quote seem really boring? Or, is it the most likely answer, that Van Gundy is a good basketball coach but maybe not much of story-teller?)