Friday, August 11, 2006

The pitcher whisperer

Katy sent me this item from the Gordon Edes' mailbag on

Q: Gordon, is the analysis a little overboard as to how much Sox pitchers miss Varitek behind the plate? Isn't it a disservice to any other catcher to act as if Varitek's game calling and presence is that much better than anyone elses as if these other guys are incompetent? Pitchers that were struggling when Varitek caught are still struggling. I don't buy the "Jason Varitek: Pitcher Whisperer" thing, do you?
Michael Cummings, Austin, Texas

A: Michael, that's one of the better lines in 'Bag history---the "Pitcher Whisperer.'' All I can tell you is that from Pedro to Schill to Lowe to Papelbon, they all swear by Varitek, his game preparation, etc. And as I'm hearing Dave McCarty say even as I'm typing this, there's a comfort level the pitchers have with Jason that can't be duplicated by a guy parachuting in in August. But I still love the line. People might be getting a little giddy.

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