Thursday, July 06, 2006

Murdering Pynchon

This is the weirdest/most poignant warning about the dangers of being a reclusive bibliophile I've heard since they renovated the graduate students' carrels in Butler Library and found the lyrics to Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" affixed to someone's desk:
The murder of the reclusive author Allan Chappelow evokes many responses, the least noble being to worry about oneself. Most novelists have reclusive tendencies, and even the most gregarious disappear for long periods - to hovels in the Western Isles, or holiday homes borrowed out-of-season, as they try to complete overdue novels.

No murderer seeking a candidate for a perfect crime could do better than J D Salinger or Thomas Pynchon: few people have any idea what they look like or where they live, and their publishers do not expect to hear from them any time soon.

(link from Bookslut)
Blogger Meg Lyman on Thu Jul 06, 09:21:00 PM:
Wow, Alice. That's super uplifting.