Wednesday, May 17, 2006

When everyone has an opinion, everyone hates the reviewer

When a reviewer posts all his or her reviews in an easily-scannable format, it's easy for any opinionated reader to quickly find a few glaring differences of taste. For me, these somehow overwhelm the majority of films/plays/books/albums, about which there is more agreement.

Super-blogger Jim Kottke has an online list of his movie reviews, and although he did love Raising Victor Vargas, Being John Malkovich, and other less universally revered favorites of mine (like the first Star Wars and Master and Commander), I can't get past the fact that he adored Crash, Closer, Step Into Liquid, Traffic, Catch me if you Can, and Star Wars ep. 3, but gave middling reviews to Thirteen, Shrek 2, Happy Gilmore, Bourne Identity, and Toy Story. Immediately I feel like I couldn't be friends with the guy. He might as well be a Republican.

(In case you want to feel the same way about me, my own list of 4-star movies is here.)