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Monday, May 29, 2006

Open calls for revolution

Wired copy chief Tony Long just posted a dead serious call for outright revolution in the United States:

So why aren't the streets clogged with angry Americans demanding to know why their president lied and deceived them so he could attack a country that had absolutely nothing to do with his so-called war on terror? ...

Why aren't we marching to demand an end to the illegal surveillance of American citizens by their own government, again under the pretext of waging war on terror? ...

Why aren't irate Americans camping out in the lobby of every newspaper and TV station from coast to coast...?

Why aren't enraged college students occupying their campus administration buildings...?

Why aren't we storming the battlements of every filthy oil company in America...?

In short, where the hell is everybody? ...

Bread and circuses. The government and the corporations are giving us bread and circuses to keep us sufficiently distracted so the powers that be can pursue their agendas...

The real voices of dissent and engagement are found on the internet these days, but the internet is simply too diffuse to effectively galvanize a revolution.

And we desperately need a revolution.

Not an unusual sentiment, but it's a sign of the divide in political opinion in the US that Wired would publish this.

I finally saw V for Vendetta the other day. It's strange that Alan Moore, who wrote the original comic, took his name off the film, because it was an absolutely faithful adaptation. That was its problem. The book is an open call for violent revolution along the lines of Che Guevara's disastrous Bolivia campaign, or what critics to the left of Che call "focoism"--the idea that the hard work of building a popular revolution can be replaced with dramatic and violent acts of defiance. So is the movie.

I am amazed that a successful, major Hollywood film applauds the murders of stand-ins for Bill O'Reilly, George Bush, and John Ashcroft (the original book essentially called for the murder of Margaret Thatcher), and that and there is little controversy over this.


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