Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Golden Gate suicides has a map of suicides by location on the Golden Gate Bridge. Among the disturbing facts you can glean from this is that the most common place to jump off is at lamppost number 69. Perhaps, as they chose where to stop and jump, a large number of suicidal people maintained a sense of humor? Or did a reminder of sex trigger shame and self-hatred? Or does there just happen to be a marker there, or an easy place to jump from?
Anonymous Anonymous on Thu May 31, 07:48:00 AM:
"69" could be a sort of dark joke certainly, but a more distant view physically shows what might be the actual answer. Lamp Post 69 is in the middle of the span, theoretically the highest point on the bridge deck. A jump from here potentially results in a successful suicide.
Anonymous Anonymous on Tue Jan 29, 11:40:00 PM:
i agree with tis comment...peaople who wants to get suicide don t count the lamppost but search for the highest successful place to get suicide... and i would add...the farest point from the cost (a way to already live the world) and the it will take more time for rescue vehicules to reach the site.
i don t know at all the geographical situation between san fransisco cost and marin country or about the bridge directions of circdulation. but perhaps, if peaople are driving on the left, people from marin country gest more suicide than peaople from san fransisco, and for pedestrian, it would mean than they get more suicide than byciclists, and the fact that it s still opened for bycliclists after sunset show that there is a low incidence on the proportion od suicde on the west side of the bridge.
have u heard sth relative to such data??