Saturday, April 08, 2006

The New Yorker: where slang goes to die

When is slang officially over? When it is casually employed by The New Yorker.

Staff writer John Lee Anderson in the March 27 issue:

A few days earlier, I had gone with [Liberian president Ellen] Johnson Sirleaf to the Providence Baptist Church. She was dressed in a magnificent purple-and-cream dress, and was accompanied by Nohn Kidau--one of several women in her entourage--who wore a blue sequinned dress and a pair of sunglasses encrusted with bling.
In related news, the same issue had a page-height ad for Ben Harper's new album next to the table of contents. Maybe his label is gunning for the Sasha Frere-Jones kiss of death?
Anonymous k8 on Sun Apr 09, 06:24:00 AM:
Ben, this is a hilarious, brilliant point. The real punch line is not just the bling, but the preceding "encrusted in."