Monday, April 17, 2006

The best taxi driver in Georgia

My fellow Tbilisian Jonathan Kulick sent out this email with the subject "the best taxi driver in Georgia": in Los Angeles. After a 23-hour trip from Tbilisi, I get in a cab at LAX, and see that the driver is a -shvili. "Tu sheidzleba, Wilshire kucha," says I. The driver looked at me in amazement. He drove safely, knew the fastest route--and refused to take my money!

And a cautionary note. Should you be transitting Munich, I suggest not carrying a flask full of chacha [Georgian near-lethal, high-proof homemade alcohol] in your carry-on. I had to take a swig to show the hyper-alert airport security that it wasn't poison or rocket fuel, and even then they weren't convinced.

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Blogger DC Cab Rider on Sun Apr 23, 03:05:00 PM:
I've had chacha, and I'm not sure they weren't right to stop you for carrying rocket fuel onto the plane! ;)
Anonymous Anonymous on Thu Jun 01, 02:17:00 AM:
I'd have picked you up. Where's the chacha.....or even the flask?