Saturday, February 04, 2006

We belong together (unlike Mimi and Tommy)

Here's a moment of true Ben-Alice zen:
  1. I read Deborah Solomon's interview with Daniel Dennett in the NY Times Magazine (I didn't know that she had a regular feature);
  2. I am already writing a long post on consciousness, where I quote the interview and add that Dennett was "interviewed by an idiot", but I don't post it yet and Alice doesn't see it;
  3. writing this leads me to Dennett's website, and I post his unlikely appeal for help identifying a French robot dog;
  4. then yesterday, the robot dog post reminds Alice of the Dennett interview and she gives the smackdown to Deborah Solomon for asking consistently fascinating people consistently dumb-ass questions.

The funniest part is that when I wrote the line about the interviewer being an idiot, not only did I not know that Alice already knew all about her idiocy, but I actually worried that I was going out on a limb based on little evidence and might be insulting a writer who Alice liked. I should have just Blinked!

There can be no doubt--Ben and Alice are meant to blog together!