Monday, February 20, 2006

The pointing tip

Speaking of Malcolm Gladwell (Blink! Have you already decided if you'll read the rest of this post?), there's a very good essay he wrote in 1997 about racial and gender differences in sports. I like him alot, despite his inevitable pithy codas (which sometimes take over the whole piece).

Gladwell is something of a cultural shibboleth, I think, especially with his books, which go further than his New Yorker pieces in making clumsy generalizations. I'll bet most people feel the same way about The Tipping Point as they do about Tom Friedman's columns, American Beauty, and Crash. If you dislike reading columns that end "Sure you do, Yassir, sure you do", I'll bet you also dislike the cinematic lines "Man, oh man, oh man" and "You think you know who you are? You have no idea."

A few more pieces from the irie Canuck: on college admissions; on plagiarism of himself; on regulating menstruation; on Melrose Place; on Ritalin; on Atkins. Blink! Which of these are worth reading?