Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dead horse, etc.

Andrew Sullivan, disingenuous as usual, on the Muhammad cartoon saga:
Others have claimed, in contrast, that the cartoons are tame and cannot even faintly be described as offensive — certainly no more offensive than any number of other cartoons that are published all the time.

That’s my position, by the way. I think that much of the “offence” is contrived, that it has been manipulated by Islamists and the Syrian and Egyptian governments to advance their own agendas...

I think he's absolutely right. The cartoons are surprisingly tame.
In New York the editors of a free alternative paper, the New York Press, decided they wanted to run the cartoons so their readers could have a grasp of what this huge story is about. The owner refused.
I think he's absolutely full of shit. The editor in chief called printing the cartoons an issue of "courage" and "Western civilization", not informative reporting.