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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The day of the love for many

Better late than never, here's the hilarious Georgian take on Valentine's Day:
Valentine’s Day is known to be a special day, an extraordinary one honoring love and lovers and is celebrated worldwide on February 14th. People believe it is the day of “Love” which encourages individuals to show their care and affection towards their dearest ones. Across the globe people celebrate this day by giving out gifts, flowers (mostly roses), special valentine’s cards, candies, chocolates, sharing intimate time with loved ones, hanging out in restaurants or clubs and a lot more interesting activities to express affection.
With special days like this, individuals (mostly boys) are opportuned to propose or express boldly what they feel towards opposite gender, they usually use the Valentine’s Day as a scapegoat to reveal their long time secret desires towards someone, Some girls surprisingly received roses from strangers and unexpected companions.

“He flipped out a rose and insisted it’s for me, I was shocked as it was unexpected and he’s my close friend” Ana, a student of Black Sea University, exclaimed.

Natia: my boyfriend invited me for lunch in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day; I never knew it will change my life as there and then he proposed to marry me which I willingly accepted.
Not only cards exchange is common on the Valentine’s Day. Other romantic stuff serve intimate Valentine’s day moments as well; Walking in parks, strolling in the moonlight, offering loved one’s pizza with shape of a heart, a letter or a gift inside the pizza’s box, Scattering rose petals on the floor to lead you to the person you love, Bunch of roses with a ring inside one of the flowers (suggested for those intending on proposing to their loved one), dining in deem lights and a lit colored candle, champagne toasts with soft romantic music (Jazz preferably).

It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to express our affection to each other only on Valentine’s Day; we can and should anytime possible, for the world needs care are affection of others to make it a better place. The world needs solidarity among individuals, peaceful living, interdependence among people, and excessive love for one another. Just like any other good day, the Valentine’s Day came and is gone with the wind, I wish you many happy returns, a wonderful time full of hope and love.


Blogger Jenny Davidson on Tue Feb 28, 11:02:00 AM:
That is hilarious--I want someone to make me a pizza in the shape of a heart!
Anonymous Anonymous on Tue May 08, 06:12:00 AM:
Papa John's in Muncie, Indiana, has a special on heart-shaped pizzas every Valentine's Day. Only 8 sold this time around.