Friday, January 13, 2006


Alex Beam points out a recent Boston Globe correction, from Dec. 13 2005:
"Because of a transcription error, the Sudoku puzzle in the Globe magazine on Sunday omitted the numeral 3 from the end of row 8 in column 9, making it impossible to correctly solve the puzzle."
Serves you people right. Play a diagramless for chrissakes.
Anonymous Katy on Fri Jan 13, 06:39:00 PM:
While working at the Harvard Coop, I sold some Sudoku books to none other than Larry Summers. I resisted the urge to blurt out, "I couldn't find a job as a scientist, so I had to work at the Coop!"
Blogger Ben on Sat Jan 14, 06:44:00 AM:
Hilarious. Summers should Sudoku-battle Jeff Posnick's girlfriend for gender supremacy!

By the way, I used to go to the Coop with my dad (still a member) as a kid and play in the aisles while he read. Too bad I never ran into Katy riding Noam Chomsky's shoulders!
Blogger Jeff'y on Sat Jan 14, 02:46:00 PM:
I just bought Sudoku for my nerd-phone. It's a better way to pass the time on the subway (when I don't have reading material) than playing Texas Hold 'Em, though I am still ambivalent about Sudoku in general.