Friday, January 20, 2006

Rob Liefeld drinking game

Alice's tally of "24" cliches reminds me of a drinking game invented by the staff at America's oldest comics store, the Million Year Picnic in Cambridge, MA.

"Rob Liefeld drinking game"


Read any comic both drawn and written by Rob Liefeld (X-Force, Youngblood, Brigade, etc.)

Take 1 drink for every time the following occur:

  • clenched teeth
  • mouth open really wide in battle cry
  • action shot where background is just abstract colored space
  • leg of running/jumping character positioned so that you can only see thigh
  • spray of bullets that doesn't hit anybody
  • large gun that shoots colored blasts of indeterminate nature
  • character or team moves into/out of another dimension or otherwise warps
  • character seeming to fly, who cannot actually fly
  • character who is not invulnerable casually jumps out of plane/space ship
  • indoor floor that is colored green, silver or red
Bonus round: when a new "team" of enemies or allies is introduced, take 1 drink for each correctly-predicted member:
  • exactly one big guy
  • exactly one woman
  • exactly one flying guy
  • exactly one character with black and white face makeup
  • exactly one robot (robotic nature may not be immediately obvious)
  • exactly one black guy with gun and no discernable powers
  • white male leader, regular size, with gun and no discernable powers
  • In addition, 1 drink must be taken for every team member who wears segmented metallic rings around their arm-shoulder joints.
The maximum number of drinks for a new team appearance, 14, has been documented (during a reading/drinking of Brigade #2). The successful completion of any Rob Liefeld issue under these rules, however, has never been recorded.

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Blogger yelling_at_the_radio on Sat Aug 19, 11:16:00 PM:
Awesome and Hilarious
Blogger Shyaporn on Wed Oct 24, 11:10:00 AM:
Hahaha! Fantastic!
Blogger Mike Bierek on Sun Dec 09, 02:48:00 AM:
hey you should also add "take a shot for every gratuitis* pouch is thrown onto a belt/leg/arm/someplace else thats pointless to have a pouch"

...but then again everyone would die from alcahol poisoning so never mind : )