Monday, January 30, 2006

My pipeline is bigger than yours

In the last 48 hours, Georgia cut off the gas supply to the Russian embassy in Tbilisi (mayor of Tbilisi: "It is better to supply gas to two blocks of flats at least than to the agencies that are directly associated with the energy crisis in Georgia"), and Russia retaliated by cutting off the electricity at the Georgian embassy in Moscow (Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman: "the Russian party is fully authorised to take the relative measures with regard to gas supply to the Georgian Embassy to Russia too").

Though I think the Georgian tactics are shortsighted, they are certainly staying ahead of the news cycle and appearing to be active and not passive, which is unfortunately the standard by which most freezing Georgians will judge them. (After all, in national polling about role models, Stalin and even Beria beat out the generally popular current president.)

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