Thursday, January 26, 2006

Iron Chef Palmer

Speculation about a 24 movie is stirring up information about the origins of the series.

Backwards City reports speculation that when '24' was first pitched, it centered more exclusively around the single-day-real-time gimmick, and not specifically around the whole counter-terrorism genre:

For instance, Year Two might have been opening night of a play. Year Three might have been about stockbrokers.

There was even some talk, I think, of using the same basic cast of actors playing roughly the same characters in a new 24-hour situation every year. So Jack would always be a hard-ass get-it-done sort of guy, and Tony would be his somewhat embittered loyal sidekick, and Palmer would be the conflicted but essentially virtuous leader--but one year they'd be chefs, and the next they'd be public school teachers, and so on.

Chloe: Fine, Shanice, don't do your homework! Give blowjobs in class! Whatever, it's not like I really care. [does Chloe face #6]

Principal Logan: So, Adrock, you threw your teacher's chair out the window?
Asst. Principal Mike Novick: [very slowly] Sir, I think it's important to... set an example here...
Logan: [gets really sweaty and fidgety] I know that! I know that!
[Novick and Logan stare at each other]
Adrock: Dude, I'm so fucking high right now, this is freaking me out.
Blogger Jeff'y on Thu Jan 26, 10:27:00 PM:
Where'd you hear about Backwards City? Sheryl's pretty good friends with the editor and she turned me on to it (the blog, at least; I haven't subscribed to the journal [yet]).