Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Going Delta Berserk

Jean Smart is such a great addition to 24! I've loved her since Designing Women in the late '80s. She had some memorable small roles in Guinevere, Garden State, and I [Heart] Huckabees, but her return to television is great.

Designing Women was a key influence on my feminist development as a girl. Julia Sugarbaker was an early role model, although I've since heard the rumor that Dixie Carter, a rare Republican in Hollywood, used to bargain feminist time for singing time. The tribute site is hilariously earnest. The fan fiction is kind of depressing, though.

In other Designing Women-related news, in the latest issue of Bust, Beth Ditto of the Gossip describes her "Delta Berserk" inspiration for her DIY style: jewel tones, shoulder pads, lots of cleavage.