Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cute, cute foreign students

Excerpts from my students' final exams and papers for the "American Novel" course I teach:
"'The Great American Novel is something that is often spoken but rarely seen'. I think this idea surely is created by critics just to find the way of earning money. If the Great American Novel exists, surely it is a Great Gatsby."
--Sevda H.

"If I understand very well I am taking care when I fall in love for my girl friend because I learned many idea before the fall in love by Novel for example I should look her back ground and I must learn her characters because maybe I will get married wit her."
--Ismail O.

"The Great American Novel often includes: Coming of age stories, Coming age stories of, Epics that span many generations, Pair-bonding travelogues with some romance involved, Rambling narratives punctuated by incursions from giant robots."
--Rasim R.

"I like to read 'Catcher in the Rye' as I think I have some in common with the main character Holden... they couldn't understand me, whatever, for example the rock music. liked to listen was unacceptable for them."
--Teona B.

"Another book I would like to read is 'The Invisible Man'. I like Black People. I like all nations. I do not want anybody being rejected by society... I would suggest to that people who rejects blacks to read books that will help them to overcome this problem."
--Sevda H.

"The Money is not the everything. in life."
--Maia K.