Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pinch Sulzberger = camel, any mistake in NYT = straw!

From today's NYTimes:
Heavy Sunni Turnout Is Reported; No Large-Scale Attacks by Rebels

By DEXTER FILKINS; Published: December 15, 2005

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Dec. 15 - In a day remarkable for the absence of large-scale violence, millions of Iraqi voters, many of them dressed in their best and traveling with other family members, streamed to the polls today to cast ballots in a nationwide election as Iraqi leaders predicted that the vote would split almost evenly between secular and Islamist parties.

After the polls closed this evening, electoral commission officials said that turnout could have been as high as 11 million out of 15.5 million eligible voters, more than in October's referendum, when many Sunnis boycotted the election.

"There has been a wider participation by Sunni Arabs, so we expect the turnout to be higher," Mr. Ayar said.

Awesome! No, really, that's all very good news. Awesome.

... um, who's "Mr. Ayar"?

UPDATE! Article has been totally rewritten. Strange that one version of the article would be completely replaced with another... does the NYTimes now put up a copy of articles as soon as they clear a draft, then later go back and replace them later with the print version?