Wednesday, December 21, 2005



(But you're right, Alice, he is sexy.)

A Johnny Damon memory: my friend Nick's girlfriend Amy, who is half-Thai, was Johnny Damon for Halloween last year. Another 100 memories: his goofy lobs from center field.

What an awful feeling. I feel like watching baseball next season will be like running into an old friend who I heard talk about me my behind my back, and we both know it, and then trying to go about my day like nothing happened. (That actually happened to me in August and it pretty much felt just like this.) It's enough to make me want to just give up altogether on sports, cheering for stuff, believing in stuff, being happy, etc. I predict that the economy of Boston will drop 10% in the next week and never recover.
Anonymous Paul Silin Levenson on Tue Dec 27, 04:41:00 PM:
You were correct about the economic impact of J.D.'s betrayl of the local fans and the great American pastime. But I will bet you do not know why our local economy has plummeted. I will enlighten you, Benalice. After we saw photos on the front page of The Boston Globe of the despised Damon getting his locks shorn for the Yankees most barber shops, hair salons and beauty parlors have been empty. Everyone in Boston has long hair. Even your grandpa in Plantation got a longer rug for his keppie. Yes, local shampoo sles have risen a bit ...but not enough to compensate for the total decline in sales of scissors, hair dryers and .... more later